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Kloodle supports student employability by: -

  • Connecting you with potential future employers through the creation of your Personal Profile

  • Providing you with a platform from which you can showcase your skills, talents and achievements

  • Helping you to engage with potential future employers


Kloodle supports graduate and emerging talent recruitment teams by:

  • Facilitating the creation of emerging talent pipelines.

  • Providing a platform from which organisations can promote their entry level employer brands

  • Allowing organisations to follow students’ progress, taking “ahead of the curve” talent pipelining to a new level



Kloodle supports universities’ student employability challenges through:

  • Providing a social media platform where students can develop the skills required to market themselves to future employers

  • Encouraging students to take greater responsibility for maximising their employment prospects

  • A range of on-site student employability workshops and presentations; bringing the concept of “life after university” to life!

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Be Prepared For University

According to HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency), the average dropout rate of undergraduates across UK universities is about 8% of those starting the degree course, but this varies widely across institution and course. This equates to a staggering 27,000 undergraduates in any one year!


Royal Bank of Scotland

The path you take. The progress you make. With constant challenges and opportunities to show us what you'™re capable of, our graduate schemes are the perfect way to make your mark on our international business.


Phillip Hayes

My name is Phill Hayes and I am Co-founder and CEO of Kloodle.


Addleshaw Goddard

We are proud to act for our clients. Whatever the scale of your requirements, legal and sector understanding combined with the highest professional standards and consistent high quality are essential ingredients in our service and advice.


Calum Roberts

I am currently in the 3rd year of my MEng Civil Engineering degree at the University of Edinburgh.


The Gap Year Myth and How to Do It Properly

I travelled to Australia when I was 19. I had just finished my A Levels, and felt a sojourn from education was in order. My passion (at that point) was cricket. Australia seemed like a prime location to play cricket. So I booked the ticket.


5 Productivity Hacks for New University Students

I went to Tasmania, Australia in 2005 and didn’t pack any jumpers. Australia was hot, right, so why should I need warm clothing? That would take up vital packing space, space I needed for important stuff, like a small football (“soccer” doesn’t exist in Australia) and a four pack of beer to present to my new housemate as a “g’day”.


Laura Parkes

I am enthusiastic and passionate about working in the Television industry.



It'™s not only our products but our people who drive our success. Our graduate recruits are no exception to this. Whichever cornerstone of our business you join '“ Buying, Merchandising, Finance or Digital '“ you'™ll be contributing from the start.


Jennifer Holt Wright

Alongside my BA and MA, I have had an active involvement with many of Manchester’s leading arts organisations, from project leader and curator to volunteer


The First Year Doesn’t Count

Louis Van Gaal has gained 1 point in 2 premiership games. He has also lost 4-0 to Milton Keynes.