Here's how Kloodle works

Kloodle records students' developing skills, achievements and employability, producing an online profile they can keep and share

Begin to collect destination data:

The first task a student must complete when they register and log on to Kloodle, is to indicate their current career aspiration. This provides staff with an indication of a student’s future career goal, providing a discussion point regarding correct subject choice at GCSE or college. This can be updated if there is a change in interest.

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Sell yourself:

The next task is to write a bio. Students inform a second reader all about their interests and what motivates them, beginning a work- ready mindset. There are built in examples for students to reference and Kloodle staff are always available on Intercom to help.

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Record all of your formal achievements:

Students record their educational achievements to date. This is not limited to formal qualifications, It may include: dance, drama or music qualifications; DofE; literacy or numeracy certificates or coaching qualifications.

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Prioritise your TOP 3 achievements:

Some might find it hard to select 3 from their many achievements – some students may struggle to find 3. From our experience, this is the golden number that employers are interested in students discussing in interview or referencing on application forms. This part of the profile can be updated as new and more relevant experiences need to be included.

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An easy to use work experience journal:

Kloodle offers students the opportunity to maintain an online work experience diary. This can be centrally accessed by employer, school / college and student. Work experience hours can be collected and students have the opportunity to reflect on their experience and maintain a journal, updating their skill-set.

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