Help create the type of employees your business needs

Sponsor a badge now!

Sponsor your local school / college and they will create students with skills to your specifications

By engaging with your local school / college, you help students learn the skills your business needs

Help students understand what employers want

Tell young people what employers really value so they can develop these skills whilst at school or college

Access young people who excel in the skills your business needs before your competitors

By sponsoring a badge, you can access best students who're displaying the skills your company requires

1. Tell us the skills you need:

For £300 sponsorship, we'll create a badge that young people on Kloodle can earn. The badge will bear your company logo and outline activities to demonstrate skills you wish to see as an employer. Research has shown employer-led activity to be the most effective method of employer engagement.

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2. Students engage with your badge:

Students upload work to their profile to evidence the skills you've outlined. They submit their work to be judged for quality and relevance and to receive the badge.

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3. Kloodle judges badge submissions and awards worthy recipients:

We award badges to students who have evidenced your skills sufficiently well. This saves you time.

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4. We send you the best profiles:

All the great profiles that get created as a result of your badge are then forwarded on to you to view. Who knows, your next great employee could be amongst them.

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